Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad Matte.

These nails hold the record of having the shortest wear span. You know the China Glaze Matte Top Coat I mentioned in my last haul? Not so good, even on top of non-top-coat nail polish. Booooo. They were pretty for the whole 24 hours I had them on, but they also chipped intensely within those 24 hours. Unacceptable, so they had to go. I wasn't a big fan of the matte look anyway... the non-shine was kind of freaking me out. And this week I'm rockin' some plain frenchies as the replacement.

What I used
  • Base coat as usual
  • Red: Wet n Wild 414A-- 2 coats
  • Stickers: ??? Leftovers from sticker sheets I have in my box.
  • Top coat: China Glaze Matte Magic -- 2 coats. Thumbs down.

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