Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Nails 2011

These are the nails I'm wearing to bring in the new year. :)

What I used:

  • Top and Base Coats: the usual Avon stuff
  • Pink color: Sephora by OPI in "Lost without my GPS" -- 2 coats
  • Stamp: Konad stamp plate m79 with Konad blue nail polish
  • Glitter: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in "09 Disco Ball" 
My goal for the next year is to take more time for my nail blog. I want to update as soon as I do my nails instead of just taking a picture and waiting until one or two weeks later to upload. I already cleaned up my blog by changing the design and fixing all my labels.  This year I made 26 blog entries compared to 2009's 20 entries, so here's hoping for a better 2011 year of nail designs. Yay!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Christmas Nails 2010

Apparently this week I forgot how to use a camera and all my pictures came out blurry. Sorry about that! Hopefully you get the idea, though. 

What I used:

  • Top and base coats: the usual Avon stuff
  • Green undercoat: ORLY "Green with Envy" #40638 -- 1 coat
  • Sparkley Green: China Glaze "Watermelon Rind" #80226 -- 1 coat
  • Gold stamp: Savvy Nail Lacquer in "Golden Honey"  #627088 with Konad stamp m60
  • Stickers: Random snowflake stickers from my box. (Sorry, I don't know what brand they were)
  • White snowballs: OPI Nail Lacquer in "Alpine Snow" applied with the end of a paintbrush
  • Gold Confetti: Sally Girl #812070

December 2010 Haul

It's been a while since I bought these but I thought I'd share anyway.

  1. Sally Hansen Insta-dry #250 "Lightening" from Walmart
  2. Sally Hansen Insta-dry #16 "Blush Rush" from Walmart
  3. Konad stamp plate m60 and m79 from the seller "trendservices" on eBay
On the polishes: Whoever said those nail polishes are insta-dry was wrong. They take forever to dry! Luckily I really enjoy doing my nails so it didn't make a difference that I had to wait for them to finish. :)

On the plates: I noticed when I've playing around with konad stamping that I needed more full-nail stamps, so I found these online and ordered them. They've been great! 

Gold winter nails

I went to a wedding reception (for the same girl whose henna night I went to before) and did some gold nails for the occasion. Not much to say about these, just gold, stamp, tips, flower stamp.

What I used:

  • The usual base and top coat
  • Gold: Savvy Nail Lacquer in Golden Honey 627088
  • Dots: Konad stamp plate m79 with Sally Girl "Poser 812051" (note to self-- I need a thicker black nail polish for my konad stamping)
  • Tips: Nicole by OPI in "Razzle Dazzler" -- I used this instead of the Sally Girl black because I like the brush better for painting on tips.
  • Sprinkles: Sally Girl 812070 (I love this stuff. I need to get some in silver)
  • Flowers: Konad plate m4 with Konad white nail polish

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birthday Nails

Last Saturday, December 4, was my 27th birthday! Yaaaaay! Here are my birthday nails. This is my first time doing rhinestones.

The rhinestones were actually fun. I've always thought that anything 3D that I put on my nails would really get in the way, and it wasn't ENTIRELY true. I did have a few times when I wanted to scratch my ear and had to force myself not to for fear that I might drop a rhinestone in, but the final verdict is that I like 'em. I wouldn't do it all the time but I like it.

What I used:

  • Top and base coat: the usual!
  • Blue: Nicole by OPI in "It's up to you" -- 2 coats
  • Stamp:
    • Konad stamp m64
    • Konad white nail polish
  • Rhinestones:
    • The ones that came in my Konad set that my sister bought me. :) I love you stupid.
Coming up:

Christmas nails and Mini hauls. I bought two new colors from Target that I'll show off, plus I have two more Konad plates coming in the mail. I got some birthday money from my dad and decided to spend it on lots of little things instead of one big thing, so now I'm one happy 27-year-old with DVDs and a cute apron and nail stuff and DVDs on the way. Come in UPS, step on it!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pink henna night

Last Saturday, on November 27th I went to a henna night for my friend who's having her wedding reception on December 11th. Her husband's family (she and her husband were officially married last year when I was out of state for school) is Afghani the henna night is a traditional celebration with lots of dancing and money and gifts and photographs. It was pretty amazing and I had never seen anything like that before.

The theme was "pink" so I wore a pink dress and did my nails for the occasion. Enjoy!

What I used:

  • Top and base coat: the usual (click here)
  • Pink: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Fast Cry Nail Color in #16 Blush Rush -- 2 coats
  • Flowers: 
    • Sephora by OPI Nail colour in "What a Broad" 
    • Konad plate m64
  • Glitter: Sally Girl #812005