Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nail Patch Walk-through

I'm kind of in a pinch for time lately, with all my school work and such. So I thought I'd take the easy way out and do a repeat nail job, and what quicker repeat can there be than the nail patches from Sephora that I raved about, huh?

And as a treat: a little walk through, because I felt like it. :)

My french tips from last week have seen better days.

Removed nail polish with Onyx Acetone and a cotton ball.

Plain nails are ready for shaping!

Decided to go without corners this week. I've been doing square tips for a few weeks now and my nails could use a break from getting caught on everything. This is a nail file from my sister , who bought it from Body Shop a little while back. I really like nail files. :)

I treat my cuticles with Sephora by OPI cuticle oil. I don't really know how to do my nails the professional way, and the last time I tried to push my cuticles back I ended up damaging them. You can still see a little dimple on my right thumbnail tip from way back then... it's on its way to being grown out and filed off.

Reviewing the (very easy to follow) directions on the nail patches, so I don't mess up.

Open up the air-tight package.

The package comes with two sheets of 8 nail patches. Chances are you'll find the right size somewhere in there.

Found my sizes! Tore them off and put away the extras so I don't get confused later.

Carefully remove the white plastic on top.

Peel off the nail patch.

Applying the nail patch to my thumb. They're adhesive, but strong enough so that if you mess up, you can reposition the sticker and it won't rip or tear.

Tucking in the excess nail patch. The extra stuff tears off nicely.

Next finger!

Make sure you rub it on really well.

No problem and super easy. :)

See! Easy!

Ta-DAH! All done. :)

Yay Nail Patches!


  1. Those are really good pictures. They really show every step for your walk-through. How did you take the pictures that show both your hands? With your teeth? Har har!

  2. Believe it or not, these were taken at night with my floor lamp on, and a desklamp shining slightly off of my hands. I used a monopod, which seemed really cool at the time but now I actually WISH I had used my teeth cause that's waaay more fun and cool.