Sunday, November 8, 2009

NOOOO The nail patches are awesome!!?

It's true. Well, it still needs to be verified beyond 30 minutes of awesomeness, but I love them.

My sister surprised me a few weeks ago with these nail patches by Sephora, that you can view by clicking here. She had bought them on sale just for fun, because she knows about my latest obsession with nails. She and I had previously browsed through the nail section and upon spotting these, I immediately said, "That's stupid. That would never work." I was convinced that you had to cut the edges off, which in my case would be a horrible scenario because I have horrible aim and using scissors (no matter what the size or precision) to cut off excess plastic layer would not work. I assumed that it was retarded that anyone would pay more than what a nail polish bottle costs to buy some one-time-only nail patches that will never turn out okay.

She gave these to me later on, saying that even though I wasn't interested, they could still possibly be awesome.

They would either be awesome and the most wonderful thing in the world, or just as retarded as I initially suspected.

Well, thirty five minutes after the fact, I'm leaning toward the awesome side of the spectrum. They're easy to apply, and they ended up looking better than the paint jobs that I normally do every week (which sorta kills me, to tell you the truth.) And now I'm starting to suspect that my sister secretly looked at some amazing reviews and saw that I'd be wrong so she super spy purchased them for me, knowing how awesome they are. Cause my sister is super sneaky psychic sometimes like that, sometimes.

Anyway, yea, I like them. You peel off clear plastic from both sides of the colored patch, then apply it to your nail and wrap the end over the end of your nail. It's thick enough to take off and re-position if you mess up (suprisingly I didn't! isn't that weird!) but thin enough so that the excess that is hanging off after you fold them under rips off quite easily. And then you have perfect-looking nails that take less time than I usually take to apply a coat of perfect non-dinged nail-polish that gets removed with nailpolish remover just like the stuff from a bottle. UGH!

Geez. Okay, I hope they last the "yea but how long will they last" skepticism that's ringing in my head right now. I'll be sure to write about that later on this week and post a status pic of how they're doing. But beyond that, I like the nail patches.

What I used:
  • Nail Patch in "502 black strass" by Sephora.  
 Ugh that just KILLS me that I only have one bullet point this week! And on a product that I immediately bad-mouthed at first sight. *shame*