Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy October!

But first I have to apologize for not following up on my claim to do something spectacular with my ocean theme stickers. I did... but I didn't write about it. So here's a picture real quick:

My favorite is the crab on my right index finger because it looks like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH" like the slugs from Flushed Away. It's like, "AAAAAAH A SHELLLLL!!"

The background is gold, plus red plus orange plus blue plus blue glitter plus a black tip. I'm not gonna bother saying what each nail polish is cause I'm tired and it's 1:00am and I have school tomorrow.

These nails were fun but they felt pretty gross by the end of the week. The stickers started chipping off and my nails felt rough and textured... dolphins got decapitated ... nasty stuff. And it was really hard to get them off. But hey, they were fun and I got a lot of compliments last week, so that makes it worth it, right?

This week... marks the beginning of October. Unfortunately only my Christmas stickers came in the mail and I'm still waiting on the Halloween stickers. Hopefully they'll be here soon.

But in the meantime, Happy Beginning of October!

What I Used:

  • Base Coat: Avon Nail Expers Smooth Beginnings Base Coat

  • First color: OPI Nail Lacquer in "In My Back Pocket" -- 2 coats

  • Second Color:

    • One or two coats of OPI Nail Lacquer in "Alpine Snow"

    • One or two coats of Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in "Cab Fare"

  • Third Color: OPI Nail Lacquer in "Alpine Snow"

  • Glitter: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in "Disco Ball" -- Just a little coat on the white part.

  • Top Coat Nailene Acrylic Strong

Yea, they're kinda backwards in color, compared to real candy corn. But I did it on purpose! I've been doing dark tips a lot lately so I figured it was time for some light ones.

And the verdict is... meh.

See how they look textured and bumpy? I ended up with bubbles, which I've read is what happens if the coat you put on is too thick or the coat underneath is still wet. I'm gonna blame the top coat for this one though, because even my sister said that the Nailene stuff is too thick. It doesn't go on smoothly like my other stuff and it kinda "glops" on.

Another complaint I have about this set of nails is that the OPI nail Lacquers are too thin. It takes two coats just to get the color to be bold enough so that streaks don't show through. Those happen to be my only OPI Nail Lacquer colors, and conveniently they're both too watered down. The yellow is fun though, it's glittery. It just needs a coat of white underneath or else it'll show whatever's underneath it.

And a final complaint is that these nails took too long to dry. I used my drying drops and everything, but that only dried the top coat, and I could still smush the color around. In fact, I tried to open a window and ended up putting a dent in my thumbnail. And then there were a few casualties through the night... my middle finger and thumbnail had to be erased and completely redone. And even today, 24 hours later, they're still a little soft so they haven't dried completely yet. That's annoying.

Well, at least I like them somewhat, right? I like them enough to keep 'em, but at this rate I'm expecting something else to happen that'll make me abort the whole thing. I like how long they make my fingernails look, though. And I piled on the polish so much that they almost look fake. And that's good, right?

Anyway, Happy October.

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