Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why Nails?

There are dozens of nail websites out there, all with really great information on proper nail care and professional procedures for real manicures and all that. I've read a bunch of them, and they're helpful and awesome and there's really no need for me to re-state everything I've learned online because it'll just come up in the same Google searches as everything else.

But I don't care. :)

I like doing my nails. It's the "me" time that I can take to just relax and think about something really simple like shiny glittery color and straight or curvy lines as opposed to all the really frustrating things in life that I could be thinking about (like stupid chickens... but I won't go into that).

My nails grow pretty fast so I take advantage of the length to do things on my natural nails that people otherwise do on stick-on fake nails. The paint jobs last about a week for me before they start chipping. I like to do different designs with stickers and nail polish, and I tend to get compliments from other girls when I really take some time to get it all done and pretty.

Here's an example of my latest set:

So, till next time! Yay!

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