Monday, October 5, 2009

October Week 2 -- spider webs!

Shoutout to my cat ZETA who unintentionally makes her debut today!

Inspired by a tutorial I found on Youtube here:

 Halloween Nails Tutorial - by fumsmusings

I really liked the spiderweb design she made, so I added it to what I thought were already finished nails. I had ordered some halloween nail stickers off eBay, and, being upset that they hadn't arrived yet, my original plan was to do some plain orange with black tips. I dunno, some sort of spite fit because the stickers weren't here yet. Wouldn't have proven anything to anyone, wouldn't have done anything, really.

But anyway, I got done with the orange, then I put on some yellow to make it an "ooooo shimmery!" kind of look, and then my black tips came out okay. So... I felt like adding more.

Then I looked online for halloween nail tutorials, and t's amazing how many tutorials out there and it's even MORE amazing how IMPOSSIBLE it would be for my non-dominant hand to even TRY anything these tutorials suggest. Plus, a lot of them are tutorials on how to draw on a fake nail that's not attached to anything. And sure, anyone can do that. But when they're your own nails and they're attached to your hands already, you can't exactly follow a "Learn how to draw a Frankenstein" tutorial 10 times in a row.

Anyway, the youtube link again: See for yourself!

I like my nails now. No more spiteful plain nails!

What I used:
  • Base Coat: Avon Nail Experts Smooth Beginnings Base Coat -- 1 coat
  • First color: OPI Nail Lacquer in "In My Back Pocket" -- 3 coats
  • Shimmer: Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in "Cab Fare" -- 1 thin coat
  • Tips: Sally Girl Nail Color in "Poser" -- 2 coats
  • Spider webs: Petites in "French White 417" -
    • Applied with Nail Brush: Winning Nails by Worldwide #306 Nail Art
  • Top Coat: Nailene Acrylic Strong Topcoat -- 1 coat
  • Drying Aid: Sephora by OPI Nail Colour Drying Drops
What I Noticed:
I'm pretty sure you can use any kind of thin brush to paint designs. No need to shell out the money for an official nail brush, since it just gets coated with nail polish anyway.

This was my first time freehand drawing on my own nails. I know 1) for SURE I am right-handed and 2) thin lines are hard to make with frickin' nail polish and 3) I feel like I oughta try this more often!

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