Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sally Haul 9.15.09

my new tweezers and stickers from sally's
Sorry, you'll have to excuse the drastically overstated use of the word "haul" to describe my two-item purchase at sally's, but I really couldn't help myself.

I went to Sally's and finally bought the Ocean Life set of Nail stickers by Cina, and a Tweezerman set of tweezers to use when I apply the stickers to my nails.
closer look at the sally's sticker so you can see what I mean
The awesome thing about Sally's is the Sally Beauty card. I became a member in January this year for the fee of $5 and got a $5 coupon to use in store the next month. Being a member means that you get a discount off of everything in the store. The secret to finding the price is to look at the numbers on the Sally tag: The actual price is written as a price with the dollar sign and all that good stuff. But the members price is at the end of the long number above that -- so my Stickers costed me $3.49 instead of the listed $4.39... which is awesome. And to top it off, I also used a 20% coupon that was good toward my entire purchase, so I got some super savings there too. I'm pretty happy right now.

my old tweezers from my swiss army knife with a U.S. dime for size comparison

The tweezers were a purchase long in the making. I've been using my tweezers that came attached to my swiss army knife but they just aren't doing the trick. I mean, they worked in that they did their job but after my fiasco with the black hearts jumping off the plastic sheet I decided to go for some good ones. We'll see how it ends up -- either terrific or a waste of $3.50...

Oh yea, and I bought a set of Halloween stickers on eBay for $4.89. They were an international purchase so they'll take 7-14 days but I'm still excited. Halloween nails here I come!

And... I can't believe I finally got the ocean life set! Expect great things from me next week when I use these puppies. I have been wanting this set for EVER but didn't really know how I'd use them, but boyo, do I have an idea now. This oughta be good.

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