Friday, April 23, 2010

Lacy flowers - first attempt at KONAD

Not really my TRUE first attempt, actually. My first true attempt crashed and burned because I have horrible aim and slow reflexes. Discouraged me for a few days and then I did THIS and feel better!

What I used:
  • Base Coat: Avon Nail Experts Smooth Beginnings Base Coat -- 1 coat
  • Tips: Konad plate M56 with Konad white nail polish
  • Flowers: Konad plate M53 and M4 (pinky fingernails) with Finger Paints "It's an Original"
  • Sprinkles: Sally Girl #812005
  • Top Coat: Avon Nail Experts UV Gloss Guard: Top Coat -- 2 coats
  • Drying Agent: Drip Dry by OPI -- 2 drops on each nail 

What I learned:
  • You don't have to put that much nail polish on the plate before scraping it off.
  • Dark nail polish (like the purple I used) comes out quite light, and light nail polish comes out useless.
  • I still have bad aim. 
  • I can't clean off the plate, scraper or stamp until right before the next time I use them, or else I'll mess up the nice nails I just finished!
 Fun stuff!!

Next week: Something black and purple dedicated to Hit Girl from Kick Ass and the psycho kitten named after her.

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  1. Just found your blog. You're doing great with Konad. I love stamping. It is so much fun.
    I'll be following,