Friday, April 23, 2010

An off-topic update about ME!


There have been some changes in my life that call for a new bio to the side, so for good ol' time sentimentality sake, I'm leaving a note for myself to see how my bio looked when I first started this blog in September 2009.

I finished architecture school and passed all my classes and am real-world bound (not "Real World' but "real world" like the kind where you have to brush up your resume and reload your bank accounts regularly, not the kind where people form alliances and climb obstacle course rock climbing walls with a bucket of waterballoons hanging from their feet). But ideally the nail blog will live on and whoever I work for will accept my nails for how they're gonna look each week.

The other major change is that Kricket, my hamster after whom this blog is named, passed away on  April 14, 2010. She was an old lady, older than two years old and quite the character. I will miss her very much.

I stated before that I love all my animals, and our animal family has really grown in the last ... week? Guinea pigs and six betta fish, welcome to the family!

That said, here's the old bio. And on with the new! (whenever I get around to updating it... hah.)

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