Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lagomuffin cameo + Purple swirlies + Avon order

My sister, who writes awesome blogs as lagomuffin here on blogger, is making  a cameo this week. :) She's a fan of plain, simple nails and has awesomely long fingernails that would probably look ghetto if she grew them out and filed them like I do. She's got my mom's hands. She likes doing single colors, MAYBE a top coat, sometimes both a top and base coat if she happens to be using my stuff. (By the way, most of my color choices are too loud for her taste... har har). I am still working on getting her to at least stamp ONE nail one of these days.

And Tissa the pookie is making a cameo in the cameo. Yes, she's laying on pretty, cutesy tissue paper.

My sister, lagomuffin, and Tissa the pookie.
Here are some nails from a couple weeks ago. I love this purple.

What I used:
  • The usual basecoat and topcoat
  • Base purple: Sephora by OPI --"What a Broad"
  • Stamped swirlies: 
    • Konad m64 stamp plate; color: 
    • Finger Paints Nail Color --"It's an Original" 
  • Ring finger accent: 
    • Konad m53 stamp plate;
    • Savvy Nail Lacquer --"Golden Honey #627088"
I really liked how the two purples looked with each other so I only stamped a gold accent on the ring finger.

And congratulations, I finally finished my first bottles of nail polish! I had to make another order of Avon Top coat and Base Coat because the ones I'm using are pretty goopy now. That, and they're really low and the polish only fills the bottle to the very tip of the brush. So, yay Avon! I have good timing, apparently, because both $6.00 bottles were on sale for $3.99. That basically equaled out to "free" shipping by the time I checked out, which is awesome considering I SO would have paid $6.00 for each bottle if I had the option of buying them in a store. Excellent.

No nail updates until I get those bottles in the mail, though. Till next time, folks.

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