Friday, August 21, 2009

Everyone wants to read about my hamster

So the dealio with this blog is that I’m going to write about my hamster-related business (not really business, just my personal “business” that is hamster-related) in hopes that new and experienced hamster owners alike can read about a fellow hamster owner’s experience with her hamster. Each entry will start off with what I did that day and then the second part will be little tidbits (hambits? No, that sounds gross, like droppings or something) of information on my hamster, hamster experiences, hamster stories, etc. Today’s tidbit is that I’ve started a hamster blog. Ta-da!

I used to run a hamster care website called, which will eventually be put up again (which, by the way, I’ve been saying for about three years now), but if you’ve ever done several revisions of the same website you’ll understand me when I say that it can get a little redundant. Plus I never really know if anyone’s looking at it. So I’m here in blog form now, hoping it works out. It might seem at times that I have a split personality cause I like to use parentheses to interrupt myself, but the beauty of blogs is that I don’t have to edit it all out like I have to in school papers.

Yay. Okay, let’s get this show on the road.

On April 7, 2008 I bought a little orange and white Syrian hamster from PetCo. She has been the boss of my life ever since the first time we made eye contact. I wasn’t even looking for a hamster and suddenly in an eye-level little glass cage this girl comes barreling out and puts both her paws on the glass and looks me in the eyes. I gasped and loved her instantly, but left without her because I knew I didn’t have to buy every cute little animal I see in the stores. Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about her two days later, so I decided that I’d go back with my carrier and if she was there, I’d get her and it was destiny and fate and totally meant to be, and if she wasn’t then it was just a cute hamster I saw that one time. Well I got back and there she was, seemingly waiting for me to take her home and that’s how it all started!

Her name is Kricket and she’s the bossiest little weirdo queen. I didn’t name her for a while because I wanted to give her a “weird” name cause she’s “weird” and wrestled over names like peanut (which was too common for me) and hazel nut (which doesn’t work cause I hate a girl who’s named Hazel) and one day my sister said the word “cricket” (I dunno, she was talking about crickets I think) and I said, “Cricket!!” And of course naming a hamster “cricket” wasn’t weird enough, so we changed it to Kricket and it fit her perfectly.

So the saying goes, “Her name is Kricket. Cause she’s weird.”

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